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For Students of Taiji (Taichi), Tao Practice and Tao Wisdom

Tao Teachings with
Master Waysun Liao


Master Waysun Liao studied Tàijí (Taichi), Qìgōng, and Tàogōng with a wandering Taoist monk in his native Taiwan from the age of twelve.

“It is when a person becomes serious in the study of  Tàijí that the search for the authentic art, the Temple Tàijí, begins.


One can only then appreciate the courage and dedication of the Masters who have preserved the line of Temple Tàijí down through the centuries. This is our heritage.


— Master Waysun Liao, 1977


Study Taiji and Tao

With Books,
By Master Waysun Liao
“One must tune his mindset to one of yielding, and being humble, low and empty. This will allow the power of Tào to flow toward you. ”

– Master Waysun Liao

“A Master gives you the correct method.  Practice you have to do yourself.”

– Master Waysun Liao

“How do I know?
By looking inside.”

– Lao Tzu

“Tàijí is not your goal.
It’s just the vehicle to get you there.”

– Master Waysun Liao

“We cannot chase the power of the universe, that will never work.
We must create an empty jar,
and then the universe will come to fill it.”

– Master Waysun Liao

“Because she competes
with no one,
no one can compete with her.”

– Lao Tzu

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