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Grandmaster Waysun Liao's books

T’ai Chi Classics
One of the most sold books on Taiji/Tachi in the world.

Translated in numerous languages, it is a translations of three essential texts of T’ai Chi Chuan by Waysun Liao. 

T’ai Chi Classics presents the inner meaning and techniques of T’ai Chi movements.

These classic texts include commentary and practice applications of each principle. The classics are introduced by additional chapters explaining the history of T’ai Chi, how to increase inner energy (Chi), transform it into inner power (Jing), and project this inner power outward to repel an opponent without physical contact. Master Liao also provides a description of the entire sequence of T’ai Chi movements, illustrated by line drawings.

Chi: Discovering Your Life Energy
What if you could tap into the very power of life itself, the original one power of the universe, the Tao? A world of infinite possibilities would be open to you.

Master Liao takes you on a step-by-step journey allowing you to reconnect with your feeling of life energy.

Once you can feel your Chi, you can learn to flow your life energy and strengthen it, using it to help yourself and others through healing, feng shui, spiritual readings, and more.

Through the ancient wisdom of the Tao, explained in simple terms, Master Liao offers specific instructions in breathing techniques and moving meditation.

Armed with the truth about Chi, you can regain your lost connection to your life energy and restore your True Self.

(formerly titled: Chi: How to Feel Your Life Energy)

Restoring your Life Energy

Simple Chi Gung Practices to Reduce Stress and Enhance Well-Being

Poor diet, pollution, and the stresses of daily life all have a negative impact on our health and well-being.

This program of simple movements and meditations taught by Master Waysun Liao, a renowned teacher of the Chinese movement arts of t’ai chi and chi gung, will restore both your body and mind.

In our busy lives we are bombarded by physical and emotional stressors that tax us and deplete our vital life energy – known as chi.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, chi is the fuel and essence that connects body, mind, and spirit, and without it we fall apart physically, mentally, and spiritually. Master Liao explains why protecting our chi is so important, how it gets taxed and damaged in our lives, and — most importantly — how to restore it.

Tao: The Way of God
What is God? Why do we suffer? How can we heal ourselves and our world? What is the purpose of life? What happens when we die? What is the best way to pray?

When you understand the way God works, you’ll understand the answers to these questions and more.

Master Waysun Liao takes you to the inner teachings of Tao wisdom, giving you the keys to its ancient mysteries in simple terms applied to modern life in today’s world.

Enjoy common sense analogies, humor, diagrams, and passages from texts such as Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching as you start your own Tao journey with Master Liao as your guide.

With Tao: The Way of God, you will unlock the secret to the power of God, the spiritual dimension, and break beyond the limits or our man-made artificial world.

Nine Nights with the Taoist Master
Travel with the ancient sage Lao Tzu in this wonderful adventure story set in an ancient Chinese border city.

Not only an engaging novel, this landmark book cracks the code of secret mystical teachings hidden inside Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching.

Master Liao provides important missing links based on the oral tradition of generations of Taoist wisdom masters. Written into this exciting novel are key Taoist teachings and over 20 illustrations and diagrams.

The Deluxe Study Edition includes an interview with Master Waysun Liao, an expanded preface, a glossary of terms used by Lao Tzu and their application to meditation.

The streamlined e-book version provides the story plus Master Liao’s translation of the Tao Te Ching is given in its entirety.

The Essence of T’ai Chi
The deepest benefits of T’ai Chi cannot be realized without an understanding of its underlying principles.

This book presents these principles through translations of three core classics of T’ai Chi that are often considered the “T’ai Chi Bible,” accompanied by the author’s insightful commentary.

Master Liao demonstrates how to increase the body’s inner energy (ch’i) and transform it into power, health, and well-being.

By reading the clear and precise explanations of the fundamental principles of T’ai Chi, students can develop a more complete understanding of the art and philosophy of this traditional martial art.

(An abridged version of content found in T’ai Chi Classics.)

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