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For students of Taiji (Taichi), Tao Practice and Tao Wisdom

For the first time ever:

World-renowned Taoist Teacher and author Grandmaster Waysun Liao, will be sharing online these ancient Teachings!

With Q&A sessions, step by step instructions in Tàijí (Taichi), Qìgōng, and Tàogōng moving meditation, seminars, private sessions, and much more to come…

Tao Teachings with Grandmaster
Waysun Liao


Grandmaster Waysun Liao studied Tàijí (Taichi), Qìgōng, and Tàogōng with a wandering Taoist and with the monks of a Taoist Temple in his native Taiwan from the age of twelve.

He is now one of the world’s authorities on traditional Tào wisdom, author of some of the most sold Tàijí (Taichi) books in the world, founder of the Taichi Tao Center, one of the oldest Tàijí centers in North America, and is the Grandmaster of the new generation Temple of his tradition, Qīxīng Tàijí Tào Temple and Monastery, in Guatemala.

For the first time ever, he will be reaching people world-wide via the means of the internet, something that was never possible like this before. 

An online Taiji school will be created

So that more can benefit from these precious Teachings! 

New members will be introduced to the Practice step-by-step, graduating to more detailed instruction and deeper-level information as they progress. 

    • Live seminars and workshops with Grandmaster Liao,
    • Q&A sessions with Grandmaster
    • An online community of like-minded practitioners,
    • Written and recorded Taoist Teachings,
    • Streamed Tàijí (Taichi), Qìgōng, and Tàogōng classes & meditations,
    • Other live events with guest Teachers,
    • A library of the old Q&A sessions With Grandmaster,
    • Possibilities for private sessions,
    • And much more, on the topic of Tàijí 太極 , Qìgōng 氣功, Tàogōng 道功, Nèigōng 內功, Taoist Alchemy, Martial Arts, and general Temple lifestyle and tradition.

    From our homes, offices, or on the road, we have the invaluable opportunity to receive REAL Taoist Teachings from a REAL Taoist Master.
    Coming very soon!

    Grandmaster Liao at Qīxīng Tàijí TàoTemple, the dAY IT WAS ORDAINED.

    “One must tune his mindset to one of yielding, and being humble, low and empty. This will allow the power of Tào to flow toward you. ”

    – Grandmaster Waysun Liao

    “A Master gives you the correct method.  Practice you have to do yourself.”

    – Grandmaster Waysun Liao

    “How do I know?
    By looking inside.”

    – Lao Tzu

    “Tàijí  is not your goal.
    It’s just the vehicle to get you there.”

    – Grandmaster Waysun Liao

    “We cannot chase the power of the universe, that will never work.
    We must create an empty jar,
    and then the universe will come to fill it.”

    -Grandmaster Waysun Liao

    “Because she competes
    with no one,
    no one can compete with her.”

    – Lao Tzu


    The membership platform is coming soon!


    TaoStream.org is an online project managed by Qīxīng Tàijí TàoTemple and Monastery, a registered US 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
    TaoStream is not affiliated with any other organization.  

    Learn more
    DONATE to help support this fundraising project! ( — donations from US citizens are tax deductible).

    We’re a non-profit organization, supporting a Taoist Temple and monastery for dedicated practitioners, and also serving the indigenous community of San Marcos la Laguna, Guatemala.

    It’s very costly to establish this TaoStream project to an appropriate quality, which both you the subscriber and also these priceless Teachings deserve.

    We know a lot of practitioners from around the world have been long waiting for an opportunity like this :).

    Donating will help us bring you the service sooner, and to the highest quality possible!

    “It is when a person becomes serious in the study of  Tàijí that the search for the authentic art, the Temple Tàijí, begins.


    One can only then appreciate the courage and dedication of the Masters who have preserved the line of Temple Tàijí down through the centuries. This is our heritage.


    — Grandmaster Waysun Liao, 1977

    what people say about TaoStream:

    “Unprecedented approach in human history to spread the Truth,
    the Teaching of Tào,
    to reach simultaneously world wide, to each individual soul who has a cell phone in hand.” Waysun Liao


    “The spiritual work that I was blessed to do at the Tao Temple was the best thing that I have ever done.

    I have been doing Tibetan Buddhist meditation for over 50 years but I got more out of the Temple than anything else. “

    Baba Bhagavan Das

    “A monastery adapting to the new ways of the world is indeed a great blessing.

    I am looking forward to following the classes from my office!” Lincoln Bickford

    Psychiatrist, MD, PhD

    “This practice facilitates profound psychological and spiritual transformation, and used to be confined to Temples.

    With TaoStream, it can now reach serious practitioners all across the world and circumstances.

    This is unprecedented.” Johannes C. Eichstaedt

    M.S., MAPP, Ph.D

    “After 8 years of practice, including 4 years living the temple lifestyle, at age 45 I feel like I’m in my mid 20’s.” Charlie Boardley

    Administrator, Yoga instructor, Mother

    “We should make good use of technology.

    We should use it to share with people world-wide something that benefits them and promotes harmony.

    I believe TaoStream is a step in that direction.”

    Pamela J. Hall

    Social Worker

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