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Hóngtào Fǎshī


Hóngtào Fǎshī is a long-time direct disciple of Master Waysun Liao, as well as an ordained Tàoist, and practitioner and Teacher of the arts of Tàijí (Tài Chí), Qìgōng, Nèigōng, Tàogōng, and Tao wisdom.

He’s also versed in several forms of Asian martial arts, and accomplished in yoga asana, with decades of experience in these practices.

He’s best known for his adept skill and understanding of Tàijí and Tao wisdom, his broad contributions to teaching others around the world, and his establishment of Qixing Taiji Tao Temple and Monastery at Lake Atitlán, Guatemala.

In more than 10 years of professional teaching (since 2009), he’s brought the Taiji Practice to thousands worldwide, several of whom now also offer Taiji instruction.

In 2020, along with other dedicated Tao Temple members, Hóngtào co-established TaoStream.org as a way to reach all these students who wish to continue their study, and also to provide Taiji training to others of all nations and cultures. Live and recorded classes, as well as private sessions with Hóngtào are now available here at TaoStream.org.

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How it all came together :

In 2009, following a 12-year period of formal study in Tàijí and Tàoist arts, Hóngtào left behind the trappings and impositions of worldly life and lived four years as a wandering Tàoist.

With little more than a passport, a few bare essentials, and an aspiration to share the precious Teachings he had received, Hóngtào set out to see where the Tao would take him.

During his time wandering, he traveled only to where he was invited to teach — which came to include multiple tours of India and Nepal, the US, Canada, UK, Europe, the Middle East, and Central and South America.

He gave workshops and private sessions ceaselessly everywhere he went, and became known for his fondness for sharing Taiji.

Realizing the interest and thirst of the modern person to discover and awaken to their real nature…

 …Hóngtào co-founded Qīxīng Tàijí TàoTemple, Monastery, and Nonprofit NGO Charity at Lake Atitlán, Guatemala in 2013.




In September of that year, Master Chāng Jīnyuán and Grandmaster Waysun Liao gave Hóngtào Fǎshī his Tao Master’s title, and inaugurated and ordained Qīxīng as the 65th-generation Tao Temple, charging Hóngtào to carry on this Teaching and tradition.

Hóngtào received full Ordination in 2020, after serving as a senior administrator and headmaster for seven years at Qīxīng Tàijí TàoTemple, where he offers regular classes and workshops, and lives with dedicated students and other ordained Taoists.

He continues to share Taiji globally and also via TaoStream online programs.

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