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started in the world…

Qīxīng Tàijí TàoTemple, Monastery, and Taoist Community was ordained by Master Chang Jinyuan and Tao Teacher Grandmaster Waysun Liao, and founded by an international group of dedicated Taoist students.

started in the world…

Qīxīng Tàijí TàoTemple, Monastery, and Taoist Community was ordained by Tào Teacher Grandmaster Waysun Liao, and founded by an international group of dedicated Taoist students.


This is the story of how the first inhabitants of the Qīxīng Tàijí TaoTemple met, and what brought them here.

And the story of how, in September of 2013, the next generation TaoTemple was the first Temple of this ancient tradition to be established outside of Asia.

The Temple was ordained by Master Chang Jinyuan, and Grandmaster Waysun Liao — renowned both East and West as among the modern world’s most complete links to the authentic methods and Teachings of the ancient Taoists.

At the TàoTemple, we uphold a long–held Taoist tradition of no claim and no credit, as a Practice and approach toward life and achievement.

Therefore, we don’t believe that who we are is important. It’s only what we’re doing that’s important. That is, it’s only that which is happening that matters; we just participate as best we can.

And what’s happening at Qīxīng is certainly unique to the modern world!

That said,
we know how important it is to subscribers to find out about the people who make up the TaoTemple and the TaoStream projects, (check out our Shanren sustainable farming project and products too!).

With all praise to the Highest, our story is not that of individuals, but one of providence and grace beyond personalities.

We met in India — well, most of us anyway.
We’d all been looking around for… something.

One of us had been some years traversing Asia studying Buddhism and Vipassana meditation.

Another had been in hermit mode in the high Himalayas of Nepal, meditating and watching the crisp wintery moments with a keen mind, sharing her light and insight with those who wandered near.

Another walked out on a decade of academic study with a PhD. Jaded and frustrated, he went on a tour of India for the third time.

On an old, rebuilt Royal Enfield motorbike he set out in search of a Teacher, craving a better explanation for the mind than neuroscience and conventional psychology could offer.

One of us was teaching Yoga at organized Yoga holidays in Egypt and India, as well as maintaining a teaching practice in London.

She’d been teaching in India and was about to go for a meditation retreat when she came across the rest of us and got a good deal more than she had expected to find. Today she’s the mother of our second-youngest member! 

Another was running a soccer club for Chinese children in Shanghai, and learning Tàijí from some of the best China had to offer.

Another of us had been dancing and performing professionally throughout India with major dance companies, and forthrightly resisting the traditional push for her to marry and settle. 

And yet another was touring Asia as a traveling musician. He’s got some stories to tell!

Others of us had simply left the Western World behind for whatever the rest of it could offer, and had been traveling far and wide, in some cases, for years.

Thankfully, one of us had been traveling through India, sharing with anyone interested the wonderful Taoist Teachings he had received from his Teacher, Grandmaster Waysun Liao.

That’s the clear and cohesive thing here, above all — the Teachings, the Practice.






Most of us converged upon one another simultaneously and serendipitously in south India in December 2009. The remainder of us found the group in the northern Indian Himalaya, in the following year; and then in Guatemala we met “the brothers” — a pair of explorative Italian siblings from Wisconsin who’d been wandering all about South and Central America in search of the real thing (by which of course we mean, um, coffee).

We come from all over: the US, UK, India, Slovakia, Sweden, Ireland, Italy, Canada, Switzerland, Austria, and Guatemala too. And most of us have been just about everywhere.

We founded the Tào Temple campus here in Guatemala in 2012, purchased from the heirs of a recently deceased and well-loved woman, who’d written in her published memoirs several years earlier that she

“…had not acquired the property for [herself], but for the future international spiritual leaders.”

About a year after the purchase, we were ordained unannounced to be the new generation TaoTemple by Grandmaster Waysun Liao and his Taoist colleague, Master Chang Jinyuan, in September 2013.

Becoming the first TaoTemple from our lineage outside Asia.

Over the years since and through the insights of our Teachers and Practice, we’ve all begun to discover our innate connections from lives past. Truly, our journey together has revealed an underlying thread at work, which is beyond any individual.

As a result, we live our lives together as an interdependent whole; sharing most things, building our own homes, growing our own food, taking turns preparing meals, sharing responsibilities in farmingraising animals, bringing
quality produce and products to market locally, and now collaborating
on the TaoStream project.

We love Tàijí, Qìgōng, long meditations, beautiful sunrises, quiet mornings, farming, cooking, and each other.

We live together as a family, depending on one another and supporting each other through everything in life, thick and thin.

And we’ve banded here together not just to truly live and Practice in some semblance of peace and realness, but also to channel donations for the benefit of the economically underprivileged indigenous folk of San Marcos and elsewhere in Guatemala.
This we find to be an imperative of right conduct in Practice and in Tào.

We serve our extended community and wonderful local hosts in a number of ways,

and hope to give back to the place we’ve come to call home. Our Community Betterment projects have passed the high and scrutinizing bar for 501(c)3 religious charity status in the US (donations are US tax-deductible), and has awarded us great recognition and appreciation among the Guatemalan people.
That’s the gist.   Learn more…


No matter how much coffee her family grows, Juanna LOVES watered down coffee. She is also blessed with the best sense of humor this village has ever seen.


Both managing the crew of people working for the Temple. Israel is kind and honest, greately loved by his home-village. Markus eats with chop-sticks.


Who helps us with the kids of the community.


The kitchen coordinator,
who cooks like an Italian grandmother.

The legend.

So, why’d
we do it?

“We wanted something better, something true, something REAL.”

Well, we were fed up, to be honest. We were tired of seeing the way the world is going.
In some cases, we found it unbearable. Not because we ourselves were unable to manage it (in most cases we were all educated and successful professionals), but due to the numerous injustices and shortcomings we too often see from society.

We wanted something better, something true, something REAL.

We wanted to relate in genuine ways, with genuine people. And most of all, we wanted a natural place to Practice in that really has a lot to offer — just like those old Taoist Temples in Ancient China.

We found that the ordinary demands of the world somewhat preclude truly deep and consistent Practice.

Like the monastics of monasteries past, from whatever tradition, we felt that leaving the world behind for a more natural way was a principled imperative.

Having traveled and traveled, and in lots of cases, traveled some more,

we had more-or-less unanimously concluded that it’s not just the Western World that’s gotten itself lost and all goofed up, but the whole world — most of it anyway.

To one degree or another, it seemed that whatever hadn’t become the maladjusted plastic standard itself, had been overtaken and exploited by it. 

Therefore, we started looking for another way.

We turned naturally to our shared love,Tàijí, and Taoist study.

We concluded that the thing to do is to revert back to a Taoist Temple & Community Lifestyle, like the ones that peppered the mountains of China and elsewhere in Asia for a few thousand years — no one really knows for sure how long.
But what we do know for sure, that culture – Taoist culture – successfully spawned and cultivated a cultural pattern that stood the test of time far better than the society of today.

— Which is, as we speak, coming apart at the seams; socially, politically, and economically.

It can be fixed, but perhaps too few are trying or know how.

Without listing the numerous troubles that plague our world today – those troubles that have in-part driven us to establish the TaoTemple community and culture – we have determined that the risk of a wildly uncertain future for ourselves and our children is unacceptable without at least taking steps to remedy or mitigate the matter ourselves, collectively, in the small ways that we can, before it’s too late. It seems to us that a decent respect for life, the world, one another, and the human potential mandates such an approach.

We realize our view may seem extraordinary to some, maybe even slightly drastic. But if one really takes a good, long look around, and evaluates the situation, and were that person to then consult with the soul, we believe such a person is liable to conclude the same.

You may even like to join us, or start a sustainable community initiative of your own.

At the very least, you may be inspired to help support our projects. : )

Thank you for reading,
it’s great to be connected with you.

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Take good care of yourself,

the TaoStream team


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“Although you are in a physical body,
you can never escape this invisible network of Tao.
You can only lose your awareness of it.”

Grandmaster Waysun Liao

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